contour your body

with confidence

The Sculpt Lab has a holistic approach to non-surgical
body sculpting and aesthetics


emsculpt body sculpt Armadale melbourne

you’ve found your new
self-care routine

you’ve found your new self-care routine

Sink into our body sculpting studio’s warm, luxe, and spa-like atmosphere to do something truly loving for your body.

Lumps, bumps, scars, post-pregnancy tummies—all are welcome here. This is a place to nurture, tone, tighten and holistically repair with Sculpt Lab’s avant-garde and market-leading EMSCULPT® technology that is TGA and FDA-approved and clinically proven to reduce fat, build muscle and strengthen your core.

Our philosophy

At Sculpt Lab’s boutique Armadale studio, we provide a place to transform with no judgement, no invasive surgeries, and no unrealistic ideals of beauty.

We use world-class technology backed by modern science to help you achieve your goals in the safest, most holistically beneficial of ways.

redefining beauty

emsculpt body sculpt Armadale melbourne

Tightened, toned, and totally
loving the results…

first time

looking into body sculpting?

We bet you have a bunch of questions—is it safe? What’s the difference between this and fat freezing or liposuction? How long will the results last?

At Sculpt Lab, we get excited hearing you ask all the right questions – to us, that shows you really are here to love, nurture and honour your body.

We’ve created a helpful resource to empower you with all you need to know about non-surgical body sculpting.

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